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Unit Size: 20 ml.

Super C Eye Serum

  • The ultimate in skin care, Super C Eye Serum is a powerful, all-in-one skin treatment that can be used either for skin care recovery, or for the treatment of dry, discolored, or wrinkled skin. Packed with an oilsoluble form of Vitamin C, and also with potent natural exfoliators, skin enhancers, and anti-irritants, Super C Eye Serum has dramatically lower irritation than AHA or Retinoid products, allowing it to be used on many more skin types and also around the eyes as well as the face.


    Super C Eye Serum contains a trio of powerful ingredients: Millet Seed Extract, which reinforces the skin’s natural barrier to retain moisture, exfoliates, and reinforces cell to cell adhesion; Licorice Extract (Stearyl Glycerrhetinate), which provides powerful anti-irritant capabilities; and Oil-Soluble Vitamin C, to work as an antioxidant, stimulate the skin’s products of collagen and Elastin, and protect the skin against ultraviolet light damage. Both the Licorice Extract and Vitamin C can also help inhibit melanin production, making Super C Serum the perfect follow-up product for post-laser or post-peel treatments.


    Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, Millet Seed Extract, Stearyl Glycerrhetinate.

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