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Private Label

Why Shantel® for Private Labeling?

Shantel® core business has been providing physicians with their own custom skin care solutions for over 15 years. Shantel® gives you a capability for skin care products that are of advanced design and the highest quality ingredients, plus a reputation for excellence in service. Whether you are starting out dispensing your own product, or want to create an entirely new image, Shantel® can be your partner for all of your private label needs.

Private Labeling represents one of the best ways for physicians in the skin care field to represent themselves to their patients, and serves as an excellent practice-builder. Private labeling provides several key benefits to physicians who dispense skin care products.

Skin Care Items - for cosmetic and therapeutic use

1.    Reinforcing Physician-Patient Relationship.

Dispensing a physician-branded product helps patients identify their physician as their primary source for their skin care needs, and gives patients another reason to contact physicians for further care.

2.    Providing Physician Control for Post-Treatment Care.

Physicians who perform in-office procedures with lasers, IPL, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and others need to be sure that patients are on the correct care regime to ensure the maximum result of the treatment, as well as a quick and painless recovery. Having a customized dispensing line from the treating physician is the most proven way to provide this.

3.    Enhancing the Marketing and Branding of the Physician Office.

A physician-branded line provides excellent pass-along advertising for the dispensing practice. Patients that are satisfied with their skin care will refer others to the practice, and this is often the best form of marketing.

Why Should I Private Label?

Private label doesn't have to be a headache, if you have the right partner. Shantel ® can provide support for all that's required to create and market your own brand of skin care in-office, whether it's creating a custom look for your packaging, helping you to develop unique products to your own specifications, or working with your office staff to give them the tools and capabilities to best inform and support your patients.

Isn't Managing Private Label Difficult?

Any product in Shantel®'s branded product lines (RxFace® and Dermaphenolics ®) can be made available under private label. In addition, Shantel® has the ability to custom-produce most types of skin care products to your own specifications.

Easy to Get Started

Minimum of 48 units per order.

There is NO additional charge per product label - private labeling is included in your unit price.

Ordering is very simple - call us, and in about 10 minutes we can setup your order for private labeling with our standard product lines. We will send you a proof of your labels before they print so you can see how they appear on your product.

Unique Labeling & Decoration

    •    Your company logo or design can be incorporated into our label quickly and easily, or we can design a unique look for you from            our in-house art department.
    •    Most of our labels are made in-house for quick delivery.
    •    Labels are all full-color & waterproof for high durability.
    •    White and colored label stock are available.
    •    Silkscreen printing is also available at larger volumes. See us for more information.

Getting Started
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