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Introducing RxFace PROFESSIONAL
Clinical PrePost Treatment Skin Care Line

skin care is our business

Shantel® is a full-service provider of high-quality cosmeticeuticals, cosmetics, and personal care products. Our products and services are available to domestic and foreign customers on a wholesale basis.

Skin Products


        Custom Manufacturing

       For distributors and others that want a completely custom solution to their skin care needs           see here for our custom manufacturing capabilities.


      Private Label

       For physicians and other clinicians that need a ready-to-go product line with customized               presentation see here for our private label program.

        Shantel® provides our clients with the means to create their own product lines, with a range of services that enable them to formulate and distribute a unique and highly effective skin care solution to their own customers.

        Our services range from private labeling with our in-house line to providing complete “turnkey” solutions with custom formulas and packaging made to our customers specifications. With all of our services we put our direct focus on making the highest quality products and backing it up with attentive and expert customer service.

About us


Shantel® has been in business since 1990, as a full-service provider of high-quality cosmeticeuticals, cosmetics, and personal care products. Our products and services are available to domestic and foreign customers on a wholesale basis.

Based in Southern California, with satellite offices in Asia, Shantel® markets and distributes its products both in the U.S. and globally, including most of East Asia.

Shantel® originally started as a supplier of physician dispensed skin care products. Shantel® laboratories developed several product lines for use by dermatologists in the problem skin care and cosmetic laser-surgery fields, using the latest materials and techniques available. Shantel® developed a reputation for effective and high-quality products, especially in post laser-surgery treatment.

Since the beginning, Shantel® has offered a full-service packaging and marketing service for physicians seeking to dispense their own skin car products. With this service, Shantel® provides dermatologists and others with "Private Label" services where Shantel® not only manufactures skin care products, but also custom-package orders for individual physicians, providing them with their own personal line of cosmetics. Shantel® also offers special marketing services such as market research and consultation, to help physicians introduce and sell their products. This service has continued and Shantel® offers Private Label services and products, each unique to the customer, to several major overseas cosmetic and personal care product firms, as well as to many physicians in the U.S. and abroad.

In 2001, Shantel® introduced our RxFace® Skin care treatment system, designed around the needs of medical skin care practices. The RxFace® product line is the result of highly effective ingredients, selected for their utility, high stability, and very low irritation. RxFace® makes a very effective product line for serious anti-aging or post-procedure skin care.

Shantel® is widely known for its innovative product development in skin care. Shantel® was the first to introduce a Vitamin C gel specific to ultrasound therapy. We were also the first to combine White Tea Extract and Vitamin C together as a high-powered anti-oxidant treatment. In 2004, Shantel® broke new ground again with the introduction of our Red Wine skin care line. Utilizing the latest available research, our Red Wine products provide an extremely unique and powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging treatment found nowhere else.

Our innovative product line has continued with recent releases of products based on growth factor and "Nano" technology, with more new products and innovations to come.

Today, Shantel® offers a wide range of cosmetic and personal care products and services to both the medical/dermatological fields and for general cosmetic use. Shantel® is ready to provide private label and mass-market or selected distribution of personal care products of high quality, safety, and effectiveness.

It should be noted that throughout our company's history, Shantel® has never tested products on animals at any time, relying on kinder methods.

Contact Us

For more information, call one of our representatives at the number listed below. We will take every step to ensure we exceed your expectations.

Shantel Medical Supply

5600 Peck Road

Arcadia CA 91006

Phone: (626) 358-7530  |  Fax: (626) 599.8171


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